The Fund invests in project teams that create, test and deploy new ways of improving the physical, chemical and biological health of the basin ecosystem. Our investments are further driven by the nine priority areas the Governors have identified to guide government efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes. Those are listed below. The Great Lakes Protection Fund supports these priorities by discovering new ways to accomplish them more efficiently and effectively. The Fund’s Board of Directors maintains funding guidelines to help link the Governors' priorities to the ongoing discovery of new and better solutions for the Great Lakes.

The Fund routinely seeks expert advice about the opportunities that can advance these priorities. Please follow the links below for an illustrative list of what those experts have suggested project teams might do. Consider these ideas as a starting point for a conversation, not a specification sheet, a desired product list or pre-vetted topics for proposals. They are not meant to constrain what applicant teams should consider proposing. The Fund remains open to new ideas, new approaches and better methods of accomplishing the Governors’ shared priorities.

The Governors shared priorities are to:

Please click on each priority for a list of illustrative projects experts have suggested to the Fund.



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